Om Shanti Yoga & Pilates Academy

At Om Shanti Academy the physical practice becomes conscious and merging with the practice of the spirit, offering empowerment, healing and self-knowledge. Highly experienced teachers of the traditional Yoga system and the contemporary Pilates method, deliver courses costumized for all levels, organize workshops and events and share their knowledge through teacher training programs.

The goal of the Om Shanti Academy is to create an open community where anyone can evolve physically and spiritually, emphasizing in raising the awareness levels in their everyday life and aiming at eventually freeing themselves from physical and mental tensions.


 “Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Peace individually, collectively and universally


Om Shanti is a unique yoga and pilates academy in the centre of Athens, in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city. We have gathered the most experienced yoga and pilates teachers and in the context of an ideal personal space of practice, we have created for you a modern environment, a homelike atmosphere, where you can have high quality service of a premium membership club at the minimum cost.


Our mission is to share in a simple and clear way our knowledge coming from many years of teaching and personal practice, so as the physical practice becomes simple, precise and at the same time conscious.

Our vision is a person who is conscious, free, without any physical or mental tensions.




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