OM SHANTI Aerial Yoga

Aerial exercise is a pleasant and fun exercise.

AERIAL YOGA, just like yoga, offers many benefits to the trainee, on a physical as well as on a mental level. The sling allows the trainee to perform exercises in different positions and to increase or decrease the difficulty of the classic Pilates exercises, since the 20% up to the 80% of the body weight can be transferred to it. The body is deeply trained and in the process the practitioners discover abilities that they did not even suspect having. Apart from the benefits of the traditional yoga practice, practitioners take advantage of the extra possibilities offered by the sling.

It can be attended by everyone, beginners and experienced trainees, while the most important results of this practice are:

  • sculpts and trains the whole body in depth
  • muscle strengthening of the body and especially trunk muscle strengthening
  • aligns the body and improves its posture
  • deep stretching and enhancing flexibility
  • with the help of the sling, practitioners achieve a greater range of motion, thus increasing the flexibility and mobility of the joints
  • helps to relieve the spine and improve blood circulation. Due to the use of the sling the spine is decompressed and tension is being drew off the vertebrae
  • relieves musculoskeletal pain
  • oxygenates the brain, nourishes the cells, relaxes the heart
  • improves proprioception
  • improves balance
  • increases reflexes
  • relaxes the mind from the thoughts and stress of everyday life
  • improves mood
  • trainees learn to control their movement and notice their own progress as the courses go on
  • promotes discipline and self-esteem of the trainee
  • acrobatic transitions from one pose to another, as well as the lack of gravity, make the course an unconventional, very enjoyable and fun way to practice