OM SHANTI Pilates Mat work & Props

At Om Shanti Academy the physical exercise becomes conscious and merging with the practice of the spirit, offering empowerment, healing and self-knowledge. Highly experienced teachers of the contemporary Pilates method deliver courses customized for all levels.

What is the Pilates method

As originally named by its founder J. Pilates, Pilates is “The Art of Control” or “Contrology”. The Pilates method has been developed through the study and design of alternative ways of approaching the body, focusing on each person’s individuality, overcoming the limited context of applying a simple fitness method, so as to result in a full study of the human body. The Pilates method combines the awakening, revitalization and balance between the kinesiological and energy approach with great results, thus contributing to the psychosomatic health of the practitioner.



The center of our body is the source of kinetic energy and power


Pilates Method – Therapy and Training

Pilates method for therapy

The basis and the goal of the Pilates method is the balance of “body &spirit”. The energy flow is balanced through physiotherapeutic, kinesiological and respiratory practices. As a result the energy flows properly through the chakras. During the Pilates course, practitioners develop the consciousness of movement, merging the mind (concentration) with the body (motion).

Pilates method training

During Pilates training, the muscles are strengthened and stretched, bringing the body to its ideal posture and shape. The musculoskeletal system becomes resistant to possible future injuries. The body becomes aligned, as any asymmetries that have been caused by dysfunctional habits of the modern lifestyle, are being restored.

Who can attend Pilates classes

The Pilates method is aimed for everybody, regardless of age and physical condition. It is a mild form of exercise for pregnant women and safe for the elderly. On the other hand, Pilates can become a dynamic exercise for athletes, gymnasts and dancers and ideal for those looking for a completely different way of exercise and life. The concept of personalized program is successfully applied to everyone, regardless of physical condition, age and lifestyle.